How to Stop Your Dog from Running Away

If you have a dog that will run away any chance they get and you can’t figure out why they do it or how to stop it, you’ve come to the right place. There are many reasons behind this behavior and many ways to prevent it, so take a look.

They miss freedom

Dogs may want to run away out of habit. If you’ve recently adopted a dog that’s used to living free on the street, they might not be able to understand why things have changed now. If they can go back to their old life, they will try. In dealing with this problem, you’ll have to resort to training and a lot of positive reinforcement (maybe even a professional trainer).

They miss their old home

If you’ve recently moved, your dog might be trying to get back home. Your new house is an unfamiliar territory and they just want to go back to something they know. If you suspect that this could be the reason behind such behaviour, then try to surround your dog with their favourite toys and blankets that smell like you and their old home. Additionally, try to walk your dog around the new neighbourhood so they can develop some sense of familiarity.


This is one of the most common reasons why dogs run away and it’s especially prominent in male dogs that haven’t been neutered. If your dog wants to mate, they will usually try to find other dogs to satisfy their instinct. The best way to stop this behaviour is to have your dog neutered and that’s the only thing that will work 100%. If that’s not an option for you, then you will need to use training and a strong leash to keep your pup from breaking loose.

Boredom and loneliness

Dogs are very social beings and if they don’t have company and something interesting and fun to do, they will try to find it outside. If you don’t pay enough attention and don’t work with your dog, this issue might occur. Make sure to devote enough time to your dog’s walks and training, give them a lot of affection and simply spend time with them. Take them to a dog park where they can play with other dogs, pick up some new smells and release some energy.

They love to run

This one’s very simple. If you have a husky or a hunting dog that likes a lot of action, you have to respect their need for running. If you don’t give them enough opportunities to run and jump, they will try to find them on their own.

They are scared

If you live in a busy neighbourhood, close to the airport, railway or a construction site, there’s a possibility your dog is trying to run away from the scary noise. If there’s a way to replicate those triggers, work with your dog until they learn to accept them and not be afraid of them. If you know your pup is scared of fireworks or thunderstorms, shelter them from the noise and make them feel safe. In these situations it’s always good to get your dog a tag. You can get cheap and high-quality pet ID tags in Australia and you can leave your address and phone number on them, so your dog can be returned if lost.

They see something that excites them

If your dog likes to chase after cats or squirrels when you’re walking them, they will also like to do that when off the leash, only you won’t be there to hold them back. If you know what excites your dog, use that object in training to teach them the stay command.

Now that you understand the reasons behind your dog’s behaviour and how to correct it, all that is left to do is work with your dog, train them properly and give them a lot of love.

What To Give Your Pet In Muscle Pain

Dogs have nearly 700 muscles in their bodies, each one of them work in pairs. When one contracts the other relaxes thus creating the movement of the joints. So, it’s definitely no surprise if these muscles get injured and cause pain. The reason behind may be plenty, but to diagnose it can be hard. Thus, it can turn into quite a distressing experience to see your dog in pain. If you’re wondering as to what you can give your pet to ease the pain, we have a few safe solutions to recommend.

Hot And Cold Compress

A hot and cold compress can be said as the best natural pain relief for dogs even if it’s temporary. Trust us, it’s no rocket science. In fact, cold compress works to minimize the swelling and the hot compress works to reduce the ache and pain. Heat is very much useful in a case where a muscle has been pulled and also in the case of arthritis. Don’t even think twice, just do it!

Mineral Salt Bath

It is already clear from above that heat is useful to treat a pulled muscle. To it, adding a little extra will help your dog relax a bit more. One of the best ways to do it is by giving them a mineral salt bath using Epsom salt or any other salt. This can be arranged easily at home to help relax and Soothe the pulled muscles along with the pain in your dog’s leg. After the bath, rub eucalyptus oil on the injured leg. It’s a well known natural pain relief for dogs for their aching muscles.

Herbal Treatment

Using herbal remedies may take a little longer than other prescription medicines. Or they may even lack the depth of activity of the conventional medicines. But, they are far safer, non-addictive, and thus tend to have a broader spectrum of activity. Let these be your first choice to help your dog. To begin with, here are a few herbs that can be used to alleviate pain along with taking care of other problems. They can be applied in the form of tincture or oil infusion on the affected area.

  • St. John’s wort –  It can be used to reduce pain if the muscles, joints or nerve endings have been bruised or crushed.
  • Licorice – Due to the presence of glycyrrhizin, it can be used to alleviate muscle pain as well As reduce swelling caused due to arthritis.
  • Ginger – If used topically, ginger can be made into a poultice for the treatment of muscle Pains and strains. Also, this root due to its anti-spasmodic property makes it a great remedy For stomach pain and lower back pain.
  • Yucca – Saponin, an important constituent in it has anti-inflammatory actions. Thus, it stimulates the body to produce hormones that help to relieve pain and inflammation. It is Particularly effective when used in combination with alfalfa and licorice.

Over The Counter Meds

Prescription and over-the-counter meds are often given to the pet to ease the pain. Thankfully, they are far less risky and equally effective alternative. Yet prefer anti-inflammatory pain tablets that are Specially designed for pets. Just crush them up and mix them into the moist dog food. They are a great option, especially for those dealing with general ache and pain along with arthritis as well as Other degenerative joint diseases.

Conventional Pain Meds

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines are effective, but also quite dangerous. Since they are powerful medications, instead of alleviating the pain they can cause more suffering easily. This, in particular, is true for puppies. Therefore, talk to a trusted vet before administering any potent drug In this category. It needs to be used with great caution. Names of some well-known meds include Ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, and Bayer. Let this quick and cheap fix be the last option of all, if You love your dog.

If such little problems are left untreated, they can get worse and turn into a chronic condition with Time. So, do not let your dog suffer in pain. If these remedies do not seem to work, do book an Appointment with your vet.

By: Kathreen Miller

Kathreen Miller is a pet health expert. She lives in Chicago with her daughter and a dog named “Buddy”.  She regularly contributes her write ups to pet health related websites and blogs. In her Free time, she loves listening to music, watching TV and travelling.

An Easy Guide to Building a Dog House

If you keep your dog in the yard, it’s only natural that you want to protect it from the elements and provide it with all the comfort that you can. Of course, a store-bought house is a viable possibility. But why not save the money and make a lovely and functional house by yourself? Our DIY project is not only simple and easy to make, but also cheap. Here is a step-by-step guide to making a cozy home for your furry friend.

Getting Started

Create a rectangle by joining two 22-1/2” pieces to two 23” ones – the longer pieces will form the sides, and the shorter ones will be the front and back. The pieces can easily be attached using eight 3” galvanized screws (two per corner).

Using a framing square and a pencil, draw a 26 by 22-1/2” floor plan on plywood (3/4” thickness), cut it, and screw to each corner of the base using 1-1/4” galvanized screws. This floor construction is very important, because it will keep the entire house off the ground. The air between the floor and the ground will provide insulation and prevent the house from getting too cold. This way, your pet will be protected from the cold even during the winter.

The Roof over Your Pup’s Head

Use four 15” long pieces of 2x2s to secure the corners of the house. You can do this by attaching them to the sides with at least 3 galvanized screws per piece. You can then attach the sides to the floor with 7 galvanized wood screws per side. Next, proceed to secure the front and the back in the same way – by fastening them to both the framing and the floor, using galvanized screws spaced 5 inches apart.

Using 3 screws per piece, secure four 13” pieces of 2x2s to the sides of the triangle on the front and the back. These will be your roof framing pieces. Draw and cut two 32”x20” pieces of wood for the roof. Place the roof panels in position, and attach them to the frame using seven or eight 1-1/4” screws. The panels should be secured tightly and have an overhang to prevent leaks. To make sure your dog stays dry, you can look into non-toxic sealant guns and fill in the peak of the roof. Some people decide to go the extra mile and add shingles, too.

The Walls of the House

Using a framing square, pencil and quality woodworking tools, transfer the measurements and cut the walls from a sheet of plywood. Bear in mind that it’s best for your pup if you use natural, non-toxic materials, such as wood. You need two 26” by 16” pieces for the sides. The front and back are slightly more complicated – you will need to cut two house-shaped pieces. You will achieve this by cutting two rectangles, each with a triangle on top. The triangle’s base should be the 24” side of the rectangle, and it should be 12” high. Each house shape should be in one piece.

Of course, your house needs a door! Draw and cut a door-shaped hole in one of the house-shaped pieces. The door should be big enough for your adult dog to pass through, but not too big so that it doesn’t let out too much precious heat. You can create the arch of the door using a compass or any sufficiently big round object, like a plate.

Please bear in mind that our project’s measurements are based on the size of an average pooch. If necessary, you can easily scale up or down to fit the needs of your dog, depending on the breed.

How to Name Your Dog – A Complete Guide with Top 31 Dog Names

How to name your dog? This is a query, most of the dog owners are searching for the answers!

No doubt, it is a tough task to choose a sweet name out of too many options for your loving puppy.

But, here I am going to assist you with the trouble!

Yes, do not worry at all. As this guide is going to be a complete and an amazing one to choose a catchy name for your dog.

Just pick any one of your choice and build a sweet relation with your pet!

Name Your Dog, Let him Be Habitual with it, and Find the Super Impacts of Naming

There are a few fundamental steps of this process.

First of all, you have to choose a sweet name; then you have to let him recognize the name well; then he should be habitual with it.

All these steps will build up a mutual trust level between you and your puppy. So, he will respond you promptly and positively always.

Naming Your Dog – Steps

  • Choose a short and crisp name for your dog.
  • The name you chose, should end up on a vowel.
  • The name should not match to any of the particular commands.
  • Call your dog with that name in public frequently.
  • You can name your dog based on his color or coat. e.g, Brownie.
  • Give him proper time to recognize his name by your tongue.
  • Try to make him responded with his name several times a day.
  • Call him by the name, while calling him for meals, playing with him, or for a walk outside.
  • Hence, he will be familiarized to the name, and respond you promptly.

There are also a lot of benefits of naming your dog, while you are planning a dog training schedule. So, it will let you find the maximum of positive impacts of the lessons you teach him. As you have already built a smooth relationship by naming him.

So, you can choose a suitable name for your male as well as female pet, out of this outstanding list of names. Check the infographic created by LRM Pets and pick up the best name for your puppy!


It is a fundamental step to name your dog and let him be habitual with that. It will enhance the trust, comfort, and mutual understanding level between you and him. So, must name your dog, and get a sweet feeling between you and him.

Things to remember while buying food for your dog

To take care of a dog and to fulfill his daily requirements such as giving him proper food, adequate amount of water and necessary training can be a really demanding task at times. Even then, you really never mind the trouble you have to go through to get that loyal friend beside you.

Nowadays, dog food industry is growing fast and you get so many varieties of dog food in the market which puts you in confusion about which brand and type of dog food you should select. Some of the varieties you get include organic, pesticide free, hormone free, vegetarian, and every other imaginable product that may or may not be ideal with your dog’s diet. With so much variety available in the market, how do you know what your dog actually needs for maintaining a healthy life? In other words, what are the main things to consider when looking for a dog food? Some of these details are discussed below.

Things to remember while choosing dog food

First of all, learn your dog’s body condition and use it as your guide in selecting its food. A common trait followed by dog owners all around the world is the tendency to overfeed their dog. Apart from being overweight themselves, they impose this condition on their pets as well. They just can’t stand seeing a rib on their pet! Of course, to avoid that, they feed their dog all the time with whatever food they can get their hands on. But, this way of feeding is not at all healthy for dogs. Instead of doing this, stick on to a healthy dog food which not only meet their daily nutrient requirement , but also keep them fit and healthy.

The next thing is to understand the importance of selecting the right food pack which is specifically made for your dog. For example, the ingredients in a puppy dog food will be different from that of an adult dog as the nutrient requirement in both the cases will be different. So, always select the right package for your pet depending upon whether you have a puppy or an adult dog at home.

Another decision regarding your dog feed is whether to go for dry or wet food. The primary consideration here is the likes and dislikes of your dog. But, if you think benefits-wise, dry food is recommended more because it cleans the dog teeth better. Also, as dry food doesn’t have a high moisture content, it will also be easier to clean up your dog as his stools will be harder and compact. Apart from this, dry foods are generally cheaper than wet food also as their costs per serving is lesser when compared to wet food. But, keep in mind that if your dog has dental problems, wet food will be the better choice as it is easily chewable. Apart from that, wet food will also be recommended for dogs with digestive problems or if they have developed a medical condition like diabetes because wet food has fewer carbohydrates when compared to dry food.

Also, be aware of the fact that dogs need more proteins to be present in their diet. Because of this, it is always recommended that a big part of your dog’s daily meals must have animal-based proteins such as beef, turkey and lamb. In case you prefer to serve homemade food to your dog, then also make sure to include higher amounts of protein in them compared to vegetables or carbohydrates. To ensure this high protein content in your dog food, an easy way is to check the ingredient labels of the store-bought products. Most of such labels will show the exact amount of the ingredients contained in it.

Make sure you read them carefully and avoid foods which contain fillers like wheat, fiber, corn, and ash. Also, avoid foods with “by products” which are substandard sources of protein such as feet, intestines and beaks of chicken. These are not a digestible source of protein. Instead, look for a good quality protein like chicken meal. Chicken meal is a very concentrated source of protein compared to the “by products” because the water has been removed from it. Apart from this, make sure that the dog food you select will also contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals which is required to make your dog’s diet completely balanced.

Finally, before buying a particular brand of dog food compare it to the various other dog food brands in the market in terms of its quality and cost. Even though you want your dog to be fed only with the best quality dog food in the market, you don’t want it to be too expensive. So, in order to strike the perfect balance between the cost and quality make sure you do your online research and weigh the pros and cons of various dog food brands so that you reach at a more feasible option which not only provides good quality but also is light on your pocket.