5 Mistakes Dog Owners Tend to Make

We all love our dogs. A ton. So much so, that most of us would consider the dog a member of the family. And families stick together, right? They look out for each other. But sometimes, humans make mistakes with their dogs. Don’t feel bad – there’s no need to worry! Here are five mistakes dog owners are known for making. Fix them up and you could be well on your way to being a happier dog owner than you already are!

Where They Sleep

It is important to make your pet feel welcome in the home. Even designating zones that are “just for them” can be a nice thing. But your pet should not come into bed with you for the night. Before you say, “I’ll never kick my pet out of bed!” just know this — a pet free bed is better for controlling your own allergies and improving your quality of sleep altogether. If you must not be far from your pet – I will suggest to you this option: allow them to sleep in their own little bed, near your bed!

Spontaneous Pet Purchases

When I was in my later college years, I had a friend who simply bought a pet because he had enough money. And that was about the only reason. Now let’s take a moment to think about a typical college lifestyle. You’re constantly going to visit friends. You’re going to class. You’re studying. You’re hosting/going to parties. How do you think this dog’s life was? Not too great, I hate to admit. If you’re considering a dog, only buy one after you’ve truly considered the current state of your life. And if you’re looking for a companion for your current dog, just remember how much effort having one dog takes! This isn’t to stray you away from a purchase, but more so just to make you think.

Weight Issues

People tend to think that a dog with a little extra weight is no big deal. And that belief is reinforced when people are telling you your dog is cute. Overweight dogs are more likely to develop arthritis and other problems. Make sure your dog’s diet is well balanced and healthy. Don’t call your dog “big-boned” as an excuse to not get them checked out!

No Exercise

Even worse than feeding the dog an unbalanced diet full of treats, is doing so without making sure they exercise. Just like how exercise is important to our health, it’s important to a dog’s as well. Exercise should be a priority, and a dog should be walked every day.

Vet Visits

Humans are known for holding off on going to the doctor. Sometimes we wait days to see if we’re feeling better. We can communicate with others to get their opinions. But dogs can’t do any of that, and they’re known for hiding their feelings. If your dog is eating less, vomiting, and doing other things of the sort, make sure you seek help for them immediately. Go to preventive care exams yearly. Doing so will help ensure that they’re always at tip-top health.

By: Lisa Podwirny
Lisa Podwirny is an animal expert and dog lover. She is also the owner of Ketchum Mfg in Upstate NY. Connect with her on Google+!
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