Things To Consider Before Getting A Puppy

Getting a new pet can be an extremely exciting time for you and it may not seem like a big deal at all. However, you will have to understand that having a pet is very hard work. When you get a dog you will most likely fail to understand the amount of responsibility it is to have one. Many people imagine having a dog is always fun; however in reality having a dog is takes a lot of time and patience. When I brought my first dog, I expected to spend my time playing and having fun with my new puppy, however you will have to have many rules in your home when you get your puppy.

To ensure that your puppy is well looked after and is happy in your home, there are several things which you will have to consider.

Settling In Your Home

You will need to make sure that you give your puppy time to settle in your home. It is likely that your puppy has just been taken from its mother for the first time, so this can be a very distressing time for your puppy. You will need give your dog a lot of love and attention; this will avoid your dog becoming too distressed and anxious. You should spend some time grooming and stroking your dog, this will allow him to feel loved and relaxed. It is likely that your puppy may become anxious overnight and may start moaning, if this is the case then you should set yourself some time each night to come check on your dog so he will know that he is not completely on his own. You should extend the time which you are checking on your puppy each night, this way he will become more independent.


It is extremely important that you bring your puppy to the vet once you have settled him in at home. He will need his first injection at 8 weeks old; this will prevent him catching any illnesses on the street. He will need his second injection at 12 weeks old. You must also remember that your dog will need booster jabs every 12 months; this is to ensure that he is always protected.

You will need to get your puppy micro chipped, this is necessary to keep your dog tracked in case he is lost or stolen. If your puppy does go missing and he hasn’t been micro chipped, it is likely that he will be believed to be a stray and it is likely that you will not get him returned to you.

You will need to get information from the vet on how often to worm your puppy and to ensure that you are getting the correct worming tablets for the size of your puppy. You should also ensure that your puppy is regularly given flea treatment.

Leaving Your Pet

You should plan to get your puppy at a time where you won’t be leaving him on his own for a while. If you leave your dog too soon, he may become stressed which may cause problems with his behaviour in the future. Once your puppy is settled in and you do have to leave your pet then you should consider getting a dog sitter to look after your pet so that he is not on his own for long periods of time.

By Kerry:
Kerry is a loving dog owner from Birmingham and uses for her dog when she goes on holiday.
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