Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Playpen

If you are a dog/pet owner then you must know how difficult it is to handle or supervise them all time. It becomes more difficult when you are busy or out of home. In that case, a dog playpen will be a great solution for you both for indoor and outdoor use.

A playpen is similar to a separate house for pets. It provides enough space to play and exercise for them. If you are a new dog owner then you will get a chance to train up them.

All the pets are not well mannered. Sometimes they become mischief too. The enclosed area of playpen allows them to stay safe and also control them from any kind of misconduct.

A dog playpen will surely be an ideal choice for your dog if you can choose the perfect one for your dog. It might seem to you that all the dog playpens are same, but actually they are not. All the playpens are distinctive in features and each one is specially designed for different kinds of pets.

If you want to buy a dog playpen then you should consider some important things that might help you to get the perfect fit for your dog/pet.

Indoor or Outdoor Use?

Dog playpens are made from different materials. Before buying a dog playpen you should decide whether you will use it inside home or outside. Playpens that are made from wood will not be suitable for outdoor use. These can be broken down when will be exposed to heavy rain or heat etc.

For outdoor purposes you can use dog playpen that are made from sturdy materials like hard plastic or metal etc. And for indoor use you can choose wooden or soft crate like dog playpens easily.

Space inside the playpen

At first you should think about a dog playpen that has enough space inside so that your dog can move, walk around and play easily and peacefully. If they don’t get enough space they can become depressed or mischief.

There must be enough space to accommodate food and water, playing toys, comfortable bed and tray or pad for toilet etc.

Size of your pet

The size of your dog/pet is an important factor while choosing a playpen. Different pets come in different sizes. And according to pet size playpens are also made in different sizes. For large size dogs obviously you have to buy a large and stronger dog playpen. Otherwise, it will be difficult to confine them inside.

On the other hand, for comparatively smaller dogs or other small size pets you can easily go for a small dog playpen and that is made from plastic wire or soft sided playpens.

Construction of the playpen

Dog playpens are made from different materials. Materials vary according to the purpose of use. For small dogs you can choose playpen made with sturdy plastic. It will remain safe from rust even in rain. And you should prefer playpen made from metal in case of large dogs.

Sometimes pets become chewy. They can chew soft materials. In that case, you should consider the harder materials.

Generally, dog playpens are of two types- fixed and flexible. Flexible playpens allow you to connect more panels together to make it bigger. If you need more space then you can go for flexible dog playpen. Otherwise fixed playpen is ok.


Most important thing you should keep in mind is the safety of your pet. A dog playpen should be strong enough, the panels should be attached tightly and it should be slightly attached to the ground.

You should keep in consideration the height of the dog playpen. Some dogs are jumper. If the height of the playpen is low they can climb up or jump over the playpen.

If you have dog and puppies then you should keep the puppies in separate small playpen available in the market.

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