The Importance of Dog Fencing

Most pet owners are familiar with the reasons for using a dog fence. They want their pets to remain safe from traffic accidents, strangers and other animals. If you have a pet, chances are you have wrestled with the issue of pet safety.

There are some opponents of the popular electronic fences, and they point out the discomfort that these fences cause the pets. Most pet lovers would argue that the safety provided far outweighs the slight discomfort the animal may feel as they train to stay within the appropriate perimeter. Your dog will feel far more discomfort if they escape and are injured, such as being hit by a car.

One important point regarding the electric or radio fences that send shocks to the collars of dogs is that most kit systems have adjustable intensities of shock. The different levels allow you to customize the intensity of shock. Another thing to note is that prior to emitting the shock, collars beep to issue a warning that the pet is straying close to the border of the yard. Thus, a well-trained animal will learn to avoid the shock.

Training is key when using a dog fence. When you train your pet, utilizing firm training techniques, your pet will quickly come to understand where it is acceptable to run and where it is not. Once your pet is trained thoroughly, shocking is very rarely necessary.

For pet owners with both dogs, consider the dog fence for your safety and containment needs. In addition to the visible, traditional fence, you may choose invisible fencing.

The invisible fence is a great option for the budget-conscious consumer. It is also an effective way to allow your animals to run free in your yard while still keeping them safe.

The two main types of invisible fencing are the electric fence and the radio fences. An electric fence uses a wire buried a few inches underground to create a perimeter that uses a transmitter to send messages to the receiver on your pets’ collars. The radio fence utilizes radio waves to send these messages – no underground wires are required in this version of a dog fence.


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