Tech Savvy Dog Products For Training Your Dog

Adopting a pet dog is a wonderful thing to do for yourself and your family. A pet brings along love, affection and loyalty and doubles them in no time if it is treated with the same affection that it offers.

Caring for a dog is no easy task in the initial days and this is because the care is not limited to pampering, cuddling and petting them. It also extends to training them early so that they are independent and happy by the time they are ready for a life outside the dog crate.

Since technology is all around us, here are 4 top tech-savvy dog products to help train your dog effortlessly.

Invisible Containment System

A wireless dog fence or an invisible containment system is perfect for pet parents who are always on the go. It is portable and can be taken on trips and set-up wherever you want to. If you happen to live in a densely populated area then your dog is at risk of accidents, injuries or being attacked by other dogs. A wireless dog fence will be able to prevent such incidents.

Dog Activity Monitor

Your dog’s daily activities and sleep patterns can tell you a good deal about its health and well-being. With the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor, you will be able to keep a track of your dog’s progress and explain its behavioural changes to the vet if need be. You will also be able to set the right health goal for your furry friend and get a proper insight into your pet’s medical matters.

Dog Camera

Basic pet cams have their own limitations. When it comes to keeping your pet dog absolutely safe, there is nothing like the Furbo Dog Camera that goes beyond the basic pet cam. It is meant to comfort, train as well as reward your dog when they are home all alone. It is the only pet camera that is equipped with a treat dispenser that helps you to toss healthy treats to your pet even when you are miles away. If your dog is barking, it could mean that something is not really right at home and you will receive alerts from the dog camera to check-in right away. If your dog is not on the best behaviour, you could talk to your dog and train him over the camera to avoid unacceptable behavioural patterns.

Interactive Entertainment System

Why let your dog be home alone all day and feel uncared for when you can have days filled with entertainment and interaction? With the PetChatz HD camera, you can offer endless entertainment connectivity, two-way video chats, games, treats and a lot of fun times even when you are away at work. It comes equipped with a sound detector to detect unusual noises. Its treat release system dispenses one treat at a time if your dog gets too anxious. For a pet that has been newly introduced to the concept of staying alone at home, the soothing scents will help him settle down and ease out its anxiety.

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