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Teach your puppy to drop

Teach your dog to drop

Teaching your puppy to drop is that hard at all. You may think, how do I get my dog to lay completely on the floor from an upright position? But in reality, it is really quite simple.

The only requirement first is to make sure your dog knows how to sit. So how do you teach your dog to sit?

The first step is to tell your puppy to sit. Once your dog is sitting, with a small piece of food in your fingers, place this on the floor where your dog’s head would be if it were to be laying down. Keep the food in your fingers, and you should see your puppy drop their front paws and drop. Then reward your puppy with the treat. See, it’s quite simple, and most dogs would do this first time.

When you do it for the first time, do not say the word “drop” at all, because this will confuse them. Repeat the process a couple of times, and then start saying the word “drop”, as they will know what the action is, then they will associate it with the word. Just make sure you reward them all the time.

After your puppy is getting the hang of dropping from a sitting position, you can start telling your dog to sit without rewarding it all the time. If you tell your puppy to drop 5 consecutive times, on a random time, don’t reward your puppy with food. So on the first round, you won’t reward the puppy the third time. The next round don’t reward your puppy on the fifth time; third round, don’t reward the second time… and so on.

If you are teaching your dog to drop in the winter, you may find that they simple don’t want to do it. This could be because the floor is cold, and they don’t like it when their stomach hits the cold surface. So do it on some carpet or on some sort of warm surface.

Once your dog is capable of dropping from a sitting position on command, you can slowly try to tell your dog to drop from a standing position.

Have these tips worked for you? Has something else worked better? Please share your experiences.


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