Secret Tips To Potty Training Your Dog!

When you get a new puppy—even before “sit!” and “stay!”—training your puppy to go the toilet in the right place is your first priority. Teaching a dog to go to the bathroom correctly is like teaching a child a language – the earlier the (much) better. Housebreaking your puppy doesn’t need to be a stressful event for you or your new family member. Taking a few steps to prepare yourself for your new puppy and following some simple dog training advice can make the transition much smoother for you and your new best friend.

Frequent Outings!

Your new puppy will have a very small bladder in the beginning. The pup will need to be taken out as often as humanly possible. A puppy cannot control his muscles until about 12 weeks of age so you will need to rely on a consistent routine in the beginning. In this early stage it may help to think of the mistakes as your own. You may even want to invest in an indoor dog potty if you live in an apartment or area where you can’t easily take your dog outside as often as he needs to go. This can also be helpful if you ever need to leave the dog inside for long periods.

Be Consistent, but Kind

Consistency is the key to your puppy learning where he is supposed to go quickly. When you catch him making mistakes simply lift him up and put him outside. There’s no need to scold or rub his nose in it. He will get the idea simply by the interruption. It takes some dogs longer than others. Be patient as your puppy matures.

Good Housekeeping

One important tip is to make sure you clean up any mistakes thoroughly. If your puppy smells an old urine spot he may think it is an appropriate place to relieve himself again. Buy some good cleaners meant for lifting pet stains and smells.

Don’t Forget to Praise!

An important aspect of potty training your puppy is giving him lots of praise when he does it right. Every time he goes to the bathroom outside in the right area give him lots of praise and treats. Your puppy will start to associate good things with relieving himself in the right areas. You should also start getting him used to a voice command that goes along with going to the toilet.

Best of luck and congratulations on getting a new puppy!

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