Don’t Adopt a Pet without Examining Your Finances First

That free puppy at the shelter sure looks sweet doesn’t she? Plus, she’s free. How could you resist? The truth is while a pet may be free, that doesn’t mean you’re able to financially care for it properly. Pets can be very expensive to take care of. Whether it’s the cost of supplies or trips to the vet, you need to make sure you can handle the expenses. Here are just a few reasons you shouldn’t adopt a pet before examining your finances.

No Pet Is Ever Free

The cost of a pet is only the beginning. Even if a pet is free for adoption, that doesn’t mean she is free to care for. Every pet you’ll ever bring into your home will require a variety of supplies. Whether it’s food and medication or heating lamps, you will need to invest money on a regular basis to ensure that your pet is properly cared for. For example, if you adopt a puppy, she will eventually need to be spayed, she will also need to be kept up to date on shots, she will need food and bedding and medication to prevent worms and fleas, and she’ll need regular checkups. These are just the basics. A happy dog will also have treats and toys. In other words, she may be free to bring home, but you will need to spend money to keep her healthy and happy.

Some Pets Require More Supplies Than Others

Many people are shocked when they adopt a hamster or reptile. Once you get home and do your research you find that they require several supplies and the supplies can be expensive. Take a reptile, for example. A reptile needs a large tank with a lid, heating lamps, UVA/B lights, food and water dishes, substrate or carpeting for the tank, a basking rock, and areas to hide if he needs to cool off. It can cost hundreds to set up a habitat for a reptile that costs less than $50.

Every Pet Will Eventually Need Veterinary Care

Last, but not least, pets need veterinary care in order to stay healthy. Even if it’s just the occasional checkup and shots. This means you need to be able to cover the expenses. Many cat and dog owners prefer to have pet insurance, but others keep a savings account specifically for the costs of caring for their pets. Regardless, this is an expense that many people never think of when adopting a pet.

Adoption is a wonderful thing. It saves the lives of millions of pets each year. However, if you’re not financially capable of taking care of that pet, you may be doing more harm than good.

About the Author: Rod Osdoba is the lucky “parent” of two chocolate labs and knows how tough it can be to care for pets who need constant veterinary care. He uses a mobile vet service to keep his dogs calm and often orders items like Interceptor for dogs and other meds from online sites where the wholesale prices are a little lower.
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