How to Name Your Dog – A Complete Guide with Top 31 Dog Names

How to name your dog? This is a query, most of the dog owners are searching for the answers!

No doubt, it is a tough task to choose a sweet name out of too many options for your loving puppy.

But, here I am going to assist you with the trouble!

Yes, do not worry at all. As this guide is going to be a complete and an amazing one to choose a catchy name for your dog.

Just pick any one of your choice and build a sweet relation with your pet!

Name Your Dog, Let him Be Habitual with it, and Find the Super Impacts of Naming

There are a few fundamental steps of this process.

First of all, you have to choose a sweet name; then you have to let him recognize the name well; then he should be habitual with it.

All these steps will build up a mutual trust level between you and your puppy. So, he will respond you promptly and positively always.

Naming Your Dog – Steps

  • Choose a short and crisp name for your dog.
  • The name you chose, should end up on a vowel.
  • The name should not match to any of the particular commands.
  • Call your dog with that name in public frequently.
  • You can name your dog based on his color or coat. e.g, Brownie.
  • Give him proper time to recognize his name by your tongue.
  • Try to make him responded with his name several times a day.
  • Call him by the name, while calling him for meals, playing with him, or for a walk outside.
  • Hence, he will be familiarized to the name, and respond you promptly.

There are also a lot of benefits of naming your dog, while you are planning a dog training schedule. So, it will let you find the maximum of positive impacts of the lessons you teach him. As you have already built a smooth relationship by naming him.

So, you can choose a suitable name for your male as well as female pet, out of this outstanding list of names. Check the infographic created by LRM Pets and pick up the best name for your puppy!


It is a fundamental step to name your dog and let him be habitual with that. It will enhance the trust, comfort, and mutual understanding level between you and him. So, must name your dog, and get a sweet feeling between you and him.

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