A Guide To Dogs For Incredibly Busy People

Life has changed for many of us and become more stressful, more high paced and more lonely than ever before. The plight of the modern man and modern woman, is having to deal with a huge workload, spending hours at work after hours, dealing with long commutes, and then coming home exhausted to crash out on the sofa. This all leaves very little time for doing the things we really love and can make us very lonely.

Getting a pet then could provide the perfect answer – particularly a dog who will prove to be a loyal companion, who will force you to get out of the house even when you’re feeling tired, and who can help to give your life a bit more colour and flavour.

The problem is just how you go about juggling a busy working life with the needs and wants of a highly energetic puppy. Is it possible? And is it fair on the dog? Here we will look at whether busy people can really handle dogs, and at how you can perhaps make this work…

Is it Cruel?

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether it’s going to be cruel getting a dog. Are they just going to be cooped up at home all the time while you’re off working? And is this really fair on an animal that needs lots of exercise and attention?

The answer might seem like a solid no, but there are things you can do to make the situation a little better. Consider bringing work home occasionally if you can for instance, and that way you can be working with a furry companion on your lap. Even if it’s just a few days a week then this will be much fairer on them and make the decision much more logical for you.

There are other ways you can manage this problem too. Getting a smaller dog for one can help reduce the issue as they will need less exercise, while you can also make life a little easier by hiring someone to come and walk your pup occasionally. Likewise if there’s someone in the neighbourhood who will be available during the day, then you may find that they are willing and even eager to help out by taking Fido around the block for you occasionally.

Is it the Answer?

The other question is whether it’s actually going to help: is getting a dog really the answer? And in this case the answer could well be yes if you’re tired of coming home to an empty flat and if you’re feeling stressed. Studies have shown that just stroking a dog can help us to reduce cortisol and improve our mood and our health. And when you’re stressed at work, it’s perhaps the best medicine in the world to come home to a critter who’s never mad at you and always happy to see you.

You might not think your life has room for a dog then, but it could be exactly what you need…

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By Jack Brown
Jack Brown is a part of the team at Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, a renowned animal hospital in Staten Island. He enjoys playing golf during his free time.
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