How to stop your dog from ripping your stuff to shreds

Your pet is part of your family. You grow together and build lasting, loving relationships. Yet, as with any family member there are times when your pet makes you crazy. Especially if you’ve just been gifted a new rug or pair of expensive shoes and your pet has decided to chew them up. When your pup will not stop ripping your stuff to shreds here are some tips to try out.

Teach Them From Day One:

A pet has to be given the example of what to do and what not to do from day one. If you’ve ever played tug of war with one of your sneakers your pet will think it’s okay. From the moment you bring your pet home show them what to play with and make everything else off limits.

Help Your Puppy Teethe:

Puppies are like babies; for about six months they’ll be teething. When the pain of cutting new teeth gets to them they’re likely to chew on things as this helps the pain. Getting your pet a rope or rubber toy to chew on soothes the pain. Put the toy in the freezer for about a half an hour as the cold will be an added soother.

Empty Threats:

When you scold your pet after they have eaten the shoe or pillow they will not connect the action with the act. You have to catch your pet in the act and scold them immediately. Then you must give them a proper toy to chew on and praise them when they take it.

Teach Your Pet To Be Giving:

Teaching your pet the command “give” will come in handy with chewing. When you chase your pet to get the item they are gnawing on they will think it’s a game. If you simply and calmly say “give” you can get your shoe back and switch it out for a toy.

Wear Them Out:

Before your pet has a chance to wear out your stuff wear them out. Playing with your pet will get out the extra energy they have for chewing. If they have been alone all day partner your evening run with your pets walk. You will both sleep better.

Don’t Go It Alone:

When you have a family everyone has to be on the same page when training your pet. If you are trying to discourage chewing on the pillows but your spouse laughs and plays with the dog when they have a pillow in their mouth your pet gets mixed signals. They will not chew when you are there but they will when your spouse is around. You all need to give the same directions in order for them to be followed.

Don’t Let Your Pet Run The House:

If you and your family are not home during the day do not let your pet have the run of the castle. Confining your pet to one room or one floor of the home that does not have chewable items in it will help during the day. For example, keep the dog out of the bedrooms where things may be laying around if the morning routine was rushed. Give your pet plenty of toys to play with and perhaps consider hiring a dog walker to tire them out during the day.

Getting your pet to keep to his or her own toys will not happen overnight. If you find there are certain items that you simply cannot part with perhaps put them in storage until your pet has learned to behave. With proper training you should eventually be a nice happy family.


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