Keeping Your Fluffy Four Legged Buddies Safe And Secure

Cases of missing and stolen pets have been on the rise in the last couple of years. The pets are stolen for different reasons, ranging from the terrible usage as competitors in dogfights, being held for ransom, sale to research laboratories as animal testing samples, or simply because someone wanted the pet for himself or herself!

It is very important to ensure that you keep your pet safe at all times. Leaving the pet cooped up in the house is not the solution; the animal also needs to enjoy the fresh outdoor air and should be free to play in the backyard. So, how do you provide your buddies with the much needed time in the backyard yet keep them safe and secure? And how do you make sure that they can find their way back to you when they go missing?

Track your pet

The best way to prevent your pet from being stolen or getting lost is by using identification protection. A collar and ID tags can ensure that you can be reached if your pet goes missing. You can also get a microchip implanted in the pet. The microchip can be scanned to get your contact information when your pet goes missing.

Being able to track your pet will give you peace of mind that your animal is relatively safe, but you should remember that dog collars could be removed. Neutering can also help to keep your pet close to home, as studies show that the sterilized animals do not roam out as much as their non-sterilized counterparts.

Use a leash

Using a leash when your animal is outside will help to ensure that it does not get out of the property. It will help to ensure that your pet is within your sight at all times. It will protect the animals by keeping them close to home and away from traffic and animal thieves. If you plan to go shopping, leaving the animal at home is safer than leaving them leashed outside the store. Anything can happen within the few minutes that it takes you to complete your shopping.

Pet housing and shelter

Providing protective enclosures for your pets when they are outdoors is very important. Apart from keeping them away from thieving hands, you also protect the animals from the weather elements. Providing them with a safe place where they have a shade and access to water will help to ensure that they are protected in all kinds of weather conditions.

If you do not prefer cages, you can find convenient structures such as instant canopies that are easy to erect and dismantle, and they provide adequate ventilation for your pet. Such canopies or tents are a great choice to be used in your backyard where your pets can be protected from the weather when they want to and can get the exercise they need by having the spacious backyard to themselves.

Fence and gate

Dog proofing your backyard will also go a long way in keeping your pet safe. A good quality fence and a gate with a secure latch will help to ensure that your dog remains in the yard. You need to ensure that you choose a sturdy fence with no route for escape. Using concrete on the ground beneath the fence will thwart any digging plans that the dog may have. Your fence should also be high enough to prevent the dog from jumping over it or squeezing through an exposed hole.

By: Jude Alexander
Jude designs instant canopies and is pretty good at it. He likes to keep pets and takes utmost care to provide food, shelter and protection to them. A frequent blogger, he often writes about pet management skills on his blog.
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