Packing For Pets

If your pet is coming along on your next vacation, there are ways to keep him or her comfortable on the road. It’s easy for you to grab some fast food at the nearest drive-through, but pets can be finicky eaters. Below are some of our must-haves to keep your pet safe and happy on your next adventure.

A Carrier

Dogs usually stay put, but cats are so agile and inquisitive that they need to be placed in a carrier while the car is in motion. Choose a carrier that snaps easily into a base for the ultimate in versatility and convenience.

A Pet Harness

If you have a dog that likes to ride in the back seat, latch him or her securely into a harness that clips to the seat belt. Most are under £50; choose one that’s padded for your pet’s comfort.

Portable Water Bowls

Animals (both the two-legged and four-legged varieties) need adequate hydration, and if your trip includes hiking or heat, you should bring along a portable water bowl. The best models also include a food bowl for easy feeding and watering on the go. Don’t forget to bring along a good supply of water!

Portable Food Containers

Alongside your water canteen you should bring along a portable food container for your pet. Some also have a water bowl; be sure to buy a container that’s big enough to hold food to last the entire trip (unless you don’t mind stopping at a store to buy more pet food).

Litter Trays

Dogs don’t mind going to the bathroom outdoors, but cats are far more discreet. To protect your kitty’s modesty, bring some disposable litter trays. There are also portable litter trays you can throw into the washing machine. When buying the litter trays, pick up some extra kitty litter and a cleaning scoop, too.

Waste Bags

Just as cats need their litter, dogs need waste disposal bags. Be sure to bring enough for the road trip and the destination, to avoid unfortunate ‘accidents’ and being labeled an inconsiderate tourist.

A Good Car Seat

Pet booster seats are available in a variety of sizes, and they allow your pet to see the world from the window of your car. Some pet car seats even come with a convenient storage drawer—you shouldn’t forget to buckle or harness them in, though.

A Tether/Zip Line

For larger or free-roaming animals, a tether/zip line allows them to have the run of the back seat without intruding into the front passenger compartment of your vehicle.

First Aid Supplies

Accidents happen, and you should be prepared with the medicines and basic tools to get your pet all cleaned up. A simple first aid kit can solve a variety of issues, from your dog sticking his or her nose into a wasp’s nest to getting stuck in a prickly bush. Not only should you bring a first aid kit, you shouldn’t forget to bring along your vet’s contact info and the number to an emergency animal hospital near your destination.

By: Philippa Law
Philippa L has written this post on behalf of House of Paws; providers of high quality pet products.
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