Your Puppies First Collar

There are a number of things you need to consider when you finally get a collar for your puppy. Try remembering that the puppy is just learning about his surroundings and will take some time to adjust to what you are trying to teach him.

The first thing that you need to do, however is get a collar for your puppy. Now there are a number of alternatives that you can choose from but I would advise you to go along with a specialty dog collar.

The reason for this is quite simple actually as in the start your puppy will not be used to wearing a collar and you can ease him into it by using a fabric or a lightweight collar. Preferably a flat collar instead of one which is rolled up so that your dog is absolutely comfortable at all times.

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Your puppy’s first collar ideally should be adjustable and should be able to fasten with a clip. This is so that your puppy has ample neck room and gets comfortable with the collar. Allow your puppy to familiarize himself with the collar, and if necessary allow him to paw at it and satiate his curiosity.

Once he is satisfied he will automatically adjust to his new collar, and will not try to force it off, the key is patience, let the collar grow on the pup.

Ideally you should put on the collar when the puppy is one week old and is in a good mood. By this I am referring to a time period when you are giving him a treat or playing with him. The recommendation is based upon the fact that during such activities the puppy is likely to show less resistance as he will be busy doing his favorite activities.

When I first tried to put the collar on my pup Cisqo he put up quite a resistance. He wouldn’t sit still and would run around the house treating the collar as his sworn enemy. I somehow managed to get the collar on him but even then he would not sit still and would constantly try to pull it off with his teeth. Needless to say, after a while trying he finally gave up.

Later on I realized that the collar that I got for him was a tad bit uncomfortable. One of my friends suggested that I go and buy a personalized dog collar, which would be according to the specifications of Cisqo’s frame and would not cause him any discomfort.

In the start, I did make the mistake of thinking that Cisqo was scratching at the collar repeatedly because he found it to be painful, well that was just a poor assumption at my part, because as soon as I took it of he started to run all over the house, happy that he was free from his shackles. I later found out that there was supposedly an adjustment period after which the pup gets used to the collar. Hence, I put the collar back on him with some difficulty and then after a month or so I got him his personalized dog collar, which he has been wearing ever since.

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A pup is like a newborn child and he will take time learning the ropes and adopting the desired behavior expected of him. Most owners including myself want instant results but I have learned that the slow and steady approach usually gets you the best result. Hence let your pup relax and be comfortable with his surroundings, and he will grow up to be an obedient yet fun loving pooch in the near future.

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