Tips on Keeping Your Dog Cool and Refreshed During Summer

Hot days can be unbearable for most people. It can get so hot we’d do anything to get some shade and a way to cool off. That heat is no less excruciating for your dog, so don’t forget about them during the summer, as they may need help staying cool. Make sure to provide them with a nice shaded retreat they can go to when the sun becomes unbearably hot.

How Cool Is Your Backyard?

image 6Dogs will look for cool places to lie down and deal with the heat. If you don’t already have such a spot, make one; your dog will be grateful for it. Planting a few trees can be an excellent way to create shade which both you and your dog can share. Move the dog house away from the scorching sun and put it in a place where it is cooler. Also, if you have a detached garage, leave the garage door ajar just enough for your dog to crawl in, it will provide them with some much needed relief.

Install a Doggie Pool

image 9There’s no better way to take your mind off the heat than to take a dip; and your dog will be thinking the same. Unless you want to have the sprinkler turned on all day long, which could leave your lawn soaked and might ruin the grass, it’s better to invest in a dog pool. They’re similar to kiddie pools, except they’re built to withstand dog paws. Not only will it keep your furry friend cool during those hot summer days, it will also provide them with a place to exercise and have fun. Just make sure to change the water frequently, that way it will be nice and fresh for your friend.

Use Ice to Keep Water Cool

image 10During summer, it’s very important to change your dog’s water often to keep them from getting dehydrated. You should frequently check if your dog water bowls need to be refilled; the hot weather can make the water go stale quicker than usual. Help your little friend stay cool by dropping a few ice cubes into their bowls. That will ensure that water is always refreshingly cool. After all, hydration is important for everyone, your dog included.

Give Your Dog a Treat

image 8Dogs deserve to be treated well, especially when hot weather rolls around. You can help them out by putting their favourite treat in the freezer or you can whip up a yummy doggie treat and have it frozen. Homemade frozen dog treats can be a delicious way to help your dog stay cool in the summer, just make sure not to use anything that could upset their tummies. Also, check with your vet if it’s safe to give it to them, you don’t want to have to rush them to the doctor’s office.

image 7
Summer weather can be difficult to deal with; and dogs often have it quite bad. Help them stay hydrated and cool and their gratitude will know no bounds. You can have fun in the sun while trying to stay cooler together, making it an opportunity to spend some time with your beloved pet. It’s imperative to have plenty of water, as it is one of the most efficient cooling aids during summer; both you and your dog are going to need it.

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