Top Advantages of High Fiber Dog Foods

A healthy dog makes for a playful, active companion when on outdoor leisurely walks or physical activity. Hence the need for giving your dog healthy nourishment. Many dog owners don’t see the importance of providing their dogs with meals that high in fiber. But studies have shown how important a diet rich in fiber is important towards the good health of dogs.

Fiber is solely obtained from organic components and can be made part of your dog’s diet in many ingenious ways. You can do this by adding potatoes, green beans, or peas to the diet.

However, you need to consider the quality of fiber you give to your dog. You do not just give any food rich in fiber but could cause health complications for your dog. An example of such is corn. Do not allow your dog to consume just anything it comes across, like paper, for instance. Make sure it is highly nourishing. Going for foods that provide fiber in high proportions such as vegetables is a perfect choice.

There are two types of fiber that you can give to dogs. They are:

  • Soluble fiber
  • Insoluble fiber

Each type has its own benefits.

Soluble fiber tends to cause flatulence and constipation when you suddenly include it in a dog’s diet. Soluble fiber works best when you gradually include it in the diet in small proportions.

On the other hand, insoluble fiber is good because it does not cause diarrhea. It can be taken in high proportions compared to soluble fiber. It helps to speed up the process of food digestion when your dog is suffering from constipation. During bouts of diarrhea, it slows down the process, reducing the frequency of stooling. However, an over-abundance of this type of fiber causes loss in weight, diarrhea, diminished coat luster quality, and intestinal gas.

So, it is quite confusing why so many dog owners are unaware of the healthy benefits of high fiber dog foods. This is despite the recommendation by veterinary specialists on the importance of giving dogs food rich in fiber. Let us look at the benefits of giving dog foods that are high in fiber content to your dog.

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Benefits of Dog Foods with High Fiber

Fiber is a great addition to a dog’s diet, as we highlighted above. The benefits of dog foods with rich fiber proportions can be seen in three different ways. They are:

Great Digestion system

A healthy digestive system is further enhanced with the presence of fiber in the body of a dog. What’s more, the intestine of a dog comes naturally with the healthy bacteria class. As a result of their presence, fiber gets broken down into fatty acids. The fatty acids help to reduce the number of parasitic bacteria in the digestive tract. It also speeds up the recovery process of the colon when it suffers bruises.

The risk of dogs been susceptible to colon cancer is drastically reduced when they take in more fiber. This is because fiber reduces the impact of any carcinogenic substances innocently consumed by dogs.

Dogs that suffer from persistent constipation or stomach flatulence issues have been known to get better after taking more fiber. So, if you notice your dog’s stomach area is bloated or has developed a habit of frequently drooling around your house, introducing fiber is the best way to go.

Maintenance of Healthy Body Weight

Dogs that are very obese could make do with dog foods that have high fiber content. Many dogs fall sick mostly as a result of becoming obese. Apart from a lack of exercise, the lack of fiber has been linked to obesity in dogs.

To get the best results out of a bodyweight loss program for your dog, introducing fiber as part of their diet is great. Dog foods with high fiber content make dogs feel nourished while eating less. Most top dog food brands are rich in fiber, so you can easily get your dog reducing weight in no time.

However, you might not be able to afford these top brands. You can easily supplement this by adding foods rich in fiber to your dog’s food. Such supplements include peas, sweet potatoes, green beans while reducing the amount of food you give them. Thus, they eat less and feel full. This keeps them in top shape health-wise and active.

It is important to note that you should introduce fiber to the diet of your dog in small amounts at first, then subsequently increase the fiber amounts.

Stability in Diabetes Mellitus conditions 

Fiber is crucial for dogs that suffer from diabetes. There are classes of fiber that help to keep blood sugar levels at a constant healthy level. Dogs on diets that have high proportions of fiber have been seen to experience less blood sugar level imbalance. Thus, their bodies can efficiently manage the health issue.

Studies by veterinary doctors have shown that high fiber dogs food goes a long way in helping diabetic dogs deal with their levels of insulin sensitivity. Therefore, diabetic dogs should be provided with dog foods rich in fiber composition.

However, the proportions should be dished out after observing the dog. Some dogs with diabetes could tolerate moderate amounts, while others would prefer small amounts of fiber.


As humans, our bodies benefit a lot from inculcating fiber as part of our diet plan. The same goes for your dog. Giving your dog foods rich in fiber would help to be more active, have a healthy digestive tract, and deal with obesity problems. If your dog is diabetic, introducing moderate or small amounts of fiber into the diet is a good way to manage the issue. Be sure to visit your veterinary doctor to get good dog food brands for your dogs or the little ingenious ways you can provide your dog with more fiber content.

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