How to Stop Your Dog from Running Away

If you have a dog that will run away any chance they get and you can’t figure out why they do it or how to stop it, you’ve come to the right place. There are many reasons behind this behavior and many ways to prevent it, so take a look.

They miss freedom

Dogs may want to run away out of habit. If you’ve recently adopted a dog that’s used to living free on the street, they might not be able to understand why things have changed now. If they can go back to their old life, they will try. In dealing with this problem, you’ll have to resort to training and a lot of positive reinforcement (maybe even a professional trainer).

They miss their old home

If you’ve recently moved, your dog might be trying to get back home. Your new house is an unfamiliar territory and they just want to go back to something they know. If you suspect that this could be the reason behind such behaviour, then try to surround your dog with their favourite toys and blankets that smell like you and their old home. Additionally, try to walk your dog around the new neighbourhood so they can develop some sense of familiarity.


This is one of the most common reasons why dogs run away and it’s especially prominent in male dogs that haven’t been neutered. If your dog wants to mate, they will usually try to find other dogs to satisfy their instinct. The best way to stop this behaviour is to have your dog neutered and that’s the only thing that will work 100%. If that’s not an option for you, then you will need to use training and a strong leash to keep your pup from breaking loose.

Boredom and loneliness

Dogs are very social beings and if they don’t have company and something interesting and fun to do, they will try to find it outside. If you don’t pay enough attention and don’t work with your dog, this issue might occur. Make sure to devote enough time to your dog’s walks and training, give them a lot of affection and simply spend time with them. Take them to a dog park where they can play with other dogs, pick up some new smells and release some energy.

They love to run

This one’s very simple. If you have a husky or a hunting dog that likes a lot of action, you have to respect their need for running. If you don’t give them enough opportunities to run and jump, they will try to find them on their own.

They are scared

If you live in a busy neighbourhood, close to the airport, railway or a construction site, there’s a possibility your dog is trying to run away from the scary noise. If there’s a way to replicate those triggers, work with your dog until they learn to accept them and not be afraid of them. If you know your pup is scared of fireworks or thunderstorms, shelter them from the noise and make them feel safe. In these situations it’s always good to get your dog a tag. You can get cheap and high-quality pet ID tags in Australia and you can leave your address and phone number on them, so your dog can be returned if lost.

They see something that excites them

If your dog likes to chase after cats or squirrels when you’re walking them, they will also like to do that when off the leash, only you won’t be there to hold them back. If you know what excites your dog, use that object in training to teach them the stay command.

Now that you understand the reasons behind your dog’s behaviour and how to correct it, all that is left to do is work with your dog, train them properly and give them a lot of love.

By Guest Author

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