Getting a First Aid Kit Together for Your Dog

You probably have a first aid kit for you and your family somewhere in your home. If you own a dog, then it’s best that you get one together for him too. It can be useful for minor situations, and possibly life-saving for more serious incidents. Here are some of the most important things you need in a first aid kit for your dog.


Whether your dog has a simple scrape or a more serious wound, you don’t want it to get infected. That’s why you should have antibiotic ointment in your kit to treat these wounds. Hydrogen peroxide, something most people already have in their homes, can come in handy as well to ensure wounds don’t get infected.


Another item that you should have in the kit for your dog is a rectal thermometer. You need to be able to take your dog’s temperature if you suspect that something is wrong. An elevated temperature usually does signal that something is amiss. A healthy canine typically has a temperature no more than 102 degrees Fahrenheit.


When treating wounds, you’ll obviously need to patch them up somewhere. You should have a variety of options at your disposal including bandages, gauze, and even cloth strips. Make sure that you have a few pairs of gloves in your kit so you don’t get your hands messy when working on your dog.


Poisoning is one of the most serious things that can happen to your canine. Acting quickly is essential to ensure that your dog makes it through the ordeal. Although there are lots of substances that can poison your dog, activated charcoal can help absorb many of them. Don’t just give your dog this before talking to a professional though, despite the fact that you’ll need to act quickly.


Speaking of talking to a professional, you never know when you’ll need help dealing with a situation. You don’t want to waste precious time looking up phone numbers. So, have a list of critical numbers like your vet’s office and the national animal poison control center in your first aid kit.


Dogs that are severely injured don’t act like their normal selves. Instead, it’s common for them to become quite aggressive. It would be a good idea to muzzle your dog in this situation to prevent you or anything else getting injured. Just make sure that you don’t put a muzzle on your dog if he has been vomiting recently.

Always keep your first aid kit in a place that’s easily accessible. When and if you ever need it, you’ll be glad you did.

By: Darrin Swain
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