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Always imagined of owning a dog? Eagerly planning to buy one soon? That is really a great news. But, have you decided which dog breed would you prefer to become a part of your family? There are various breeds of dog out there and you might end up feeling lost in the pet shop. If you are looking for pets and going to be a first time pet-owner, the task of choosing one particular breed of dog as your pet might seem a little daunting. So I suggest, it is better to prepare yourself beforehand by listing out some of the most popular breeds which are chosen as pets and the reasons they make great pets.


Beagles are more individualistic and have a mind of their own. It is a combination of happy-go-lucky and friendly family pet, while at the same time, has hunting instincts that needs to be kept a check on.  They generally love to have company for themselves owing to their nature of living in packs for centuries.


The Boxer is highly intelligent, eager and fast learner and is always happy and high-spirited. Their curiosity and energetic nature make them the perfect choice for competitive obedience. They tend to get along well with other dogs and household pets. Known for its courage, they make a great guard dogs and are widely used in military and police work. They don’t require much grooming, but daily physical and mental exercise is a must.


A perfect combination of tough look and gentle heart – it’s hard to resist Bulldog. They make an excellent family pet owing to its tendency of forming strong bonds with children. It is a very affection and dependable breed, known for its protectiveness. They manage to keep the intruders at bay. Just remember that their short nose makes them susceptible to overheating during warm weather. Ensure that you have a shady place ready for them to take rest.

German Shepherd

A large dog; this is the first thing you might notice about this breed. It is quite easy to get intimidated when you first lay eyes on them. But this breed of dogs is one of the friendliest. It’s extremely loyal and protective nature combined with its smartness and fun loving attitude makes it one of the most popular breed of pet dogs. Their typical life span is 9 to 13 years and the most common color of this breed is tan with a black saddle. German Shepherds make great guard and watchdogs. Just make sure you don’t leave them alone for a long period of time, they don’t like it.

Golden Retriever

If there is a breed which is loyal and protective while not being aggressive, it is the Golden Retriever. They make a good pet for first time pet owners and don’t give their respect and admiration based on the characteristics of the pack leader. They love to be a part of the family and don’t like it when kept away from the owner. They are gentle, calm, tolerant, patient, sweet, affectionate, and devoted who requires daily exercise. They are generally available in shades of cream and golden, and they on an average have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is considered as the most popular breed in the UK and US. Highly intelligent, patient, outgoing, attention seeking, and this breed just about have all the features to make it as a great pet dog. Apart from this, its non-aggressive nature makes it ideal for children and specially-abled people. Its average lifespan is 12 to 13 years is another major advantage of choosing this breed as your pet dog. They are generally available in three major colors – yellow, black and chocolate. Variations of these three colors are also available such as cream, light brown and so on.


The most positive trait of Rottweiler’s is their loyal and protective nature. It will defend its family fiercely when needed and seem immune to pain. This breed requires a strong minded master who can handle his massive size and train them well. They are highly intelligent and being in service for police, military and custom works for a very long time. If you want this breed to be happy, don’t confine them to a kennel or backyard. They like physical activities and minimal grooming maintenance.

Shih Tzus

This alert, lively little dog promises to keep you amazed with its spunky character and different tricks. They had been cherished as prized house pets for over thousand years making them spoilt and temperamental if not under proper training and leadership. They are a very alert watchdog.

Yorkshire Terriers

Do not go by their looks. They seem small but can be the notorious and temperamental of all. They are termed as ‘portable’ dogs and pampered the most because of their cute look. Try not to fall for it and create a boundary or they tend to give you hard time taking over your attention and house. This is mainly the reason why it is recommended only for older and considerate children.

By Jessica Reynolds:
Jessica enjoys blogging on various day-to-day topics. She loves dogs and has recently adopted a three month year old pug.
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