Put Doggie Tech on Your Wishlist

If you love your dog and need some gear, it’s a good time to start dropping hints about what you and your dog need. Read on for gift ideas that will make your relationship with Fido even stronger.

Dog monitoring camera

You may be curious about what your dog does while you’re at work. The solution? A dog monitoring camera. This technology has come a long way. Most of these cameras are affordable and unobtrusive, occupying about the same space as a landline telephone. And they generally connect through your wifi.

Some cameras have live streaming capabilities that allow you to issue a firm “No” if you see your dog tearing into your favorite shoes. Some cameras even allow you to dispense treats remotely while you’re telling Rover “Good boy!”

Pet cams are particularly valuable to people who suspect that their dogs are barking too much during the work day and annoying the neighbors. You can dispense a treat when your dog is being well behaved and quiet to reinforce good behavior. Your gifter may be able to score one of these cameras for only $70!

Dog tracker

Does your dog keep gaining weight even though you have put her on a diet and kept it up religiously? You may need a dog tracker that tells you how much exercise she is getting. These new trackers are invaluable for showing you that your dog really isn’t working out in the backyard. Or you might discover that she has trouble going up stairs.

A GPS tracker, which fits right on your dog’s collar, will tell you exactly where your pooch is at any time. This new technology is a godsend for people who worry about losing their dogs. If your dog has ever tunneled under the fence or run out the door when you were bringing in the groceries, you should definitely put one of these trackers on your wishlist. Pet Life Today has a list of the best GPS dog trackers.

Same thing if you go camping or traveling with your dog. Basically, any time you have your dog off leash and away from home, there’s a risk he will run away. So a tracker gives you peace of mind.

Dog bed

Many of us sleep with our dogs, but science tells us we really shouldn’t share our human bed with them because that’s disruptive to sleep. A dog in your bedroom, however, has been documented to improve sleep.

The solution? A good dog bed in your bedroom. There are many different good dog beds out there. In general, you want one that:

  • Is definitely big enough for your dog.
  • Allows for cuddling with other animals if you have cats or a ferret that are also in love with your dog.
  • Has features specific to your dog’s needs, like spine support for smaller dogs with short legs or cooling materials for dogs who overheat.
  • Is washable.
  • Is not ugly to you. It will be part of your decor for quite a while.

Make sure that your wish list specifies exactly what kind of dog bed you want so your loved ones don’t make a regrettable mistake.

If you are getting a bed for a second dog, be sure both beds are big enough for the biggest dog. Little dogs are known to commandeer the bigger bed, leaving the good-natured big dog trying to fit his frame onto the smaller bed.

In conclusion, technology has really improved the lives of dog owners. We can now know that our dogs are safe, secure, and appropriately behaved at all times. So don’t hesitate to put dog tech on your wishlist.

By Guest Author

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