How to treat your dog’s ear infection

Dog ear infections are pretty common, especially in those dogs with drooping ears. The most common method to treat dog ear infections is a visit to the vet. But there are a few other actions that dog owners can take. Some of these home remedies may prevent a pet owner from undergoing the hassle of taking the dog to a vet and making it undergo a strict medication regimen.

Some ways to treat your dog’s ear infection without the assistance of the vet are offered below:

  • A solution of alcohol and vinegar in equal ratios can be put into the dog’s ear with a suction bulb. However, you must remember to draw the fluid out after insertion to get the best results. You can repeat the procedure two times a day, until the infection is completely under control.
  • Another very effective method to treat ear infection is to put around one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide into the dog’s ear. This process must be repeated for at least a week to get results.
  • You can pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into your dog’s affected ear for around a week’s duration, which may resolve the infection.

Please note that these methods must not be applied simultaneously to treat dog ear infection.

In today’s age when vet bills have shot up it substantially, it might be difficult to take your dog to a vet every time it suffers from infections. Therefore, you can treat your dog’s mild ear infection using the tips shared above. However, if the symptoms persist, it’s advisable to consult a vet without delay.  Food-based allergies and sensitivities can often trigger ear infections, and if these are the cause, the infection may indicate serious internal issues affecting your canine friend. So, it’s better to find a permanent cure rather than suppressing the symptoms to offer temporary relief.

By: Craig Davis
Craig is the founder of Vet Organics, where he shares additional pet-related articles on the company’s blog. Vet Organics markets and produces their flagship product, EcoEars, along with a growing array of premium products dedicated to the health and wellness of pets.

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