Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Are you new to travelling with your beloved canine? There are tons of ways to enjoy a family vacation even with the extended members of the family, also known as your dog.

Before you start your journey, it is good to check your pet’s health and make sure he is ready to begin the trip, you can do this by having a veterinarian check-up such as making sure he is up-to-date on all his shots, bringing any health certificates with you (for plane travel), and by carrying medicines that you may need.

If you are travelling by car or plane, it is good to keep your dog in a crate as they can also be used as your dog’s bed at a hotel. The crate depends on your dog size, but few key factors to check on are: strong handles, strong grips, leak protection material, ventilation for your pet to breathe, a label with your name, address, telephone number, toys, food, and water. It is also good to make sure your dog has a leash or collar, in unusual case where your dog may escape from the trip.

If your dog has never been in a car before, and that is your way of travel, it should be noted that you should get him used to sitting in the car, and take him for short rides so that he gets adjusted to the change of movement. An important thing to remember is, never let your dog’s head stick out of window, even if he is enjoying the air, this can very well lead to eye injuries.

If you are riding in a truck, it is a bad idea to let your dog ride in the back because it can lead to death or serious injuries. Your dog has to empty its bladder and waste just like you, so be sure to stop for frequent breaks along the way.

By plane, be sure to know the rules of the airline for pets, because some airlines do not board animals when the weather is too hot or cold. Dogs are not permitted on trains, or by buses, but some cruise lines do allow dogs to be transported.

Make sure the place you select to stay, allows dogs, this can differ depending on the breed or the size of the dog. If the dog is permitted, be sure to ask the rules of the hotel, and to never leave your dog unattended.

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